Poetry #9: Golden Leaves

  golden                                     leaves are
      falling                           down
         autumn                    coming
               to                an
                end,   a    new 
                season     on
                  the     wind, 
                   as I walk 
                   the path 
                   with Kobi.
                   the leaves        a-
                    glitter                   in
                     yellow         and
                     orange,                      the 
                   golden leaves
                    are falling 
                   down. cooler
                  temps a-coming
                  snow     in the
               high   coun-    try.
            golden leaves are falling down.

Assignment Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poem, Anaphora/Epistrophe

Today’s Subject: Cold

From wintry weather to emotional aloofness to the fun you had during your heyday as a teen figure skating champion, write a poem that will send chills down our spines (literally or not).

Today’s Form: Concrete Poem

Generally speaking, any poem that’s typographically arranged to represent a specific shape (recognizable or not) is a concrete, or “shape” poem.

Today’s Device: Anaphoa/Epistrophe

Anaphora simply means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem. Epistrophe is its counterpart: the repeated words appear at the end of lines.

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