Poetry: #8 Chocolate and Coffee

Cold and creamy, mocha dreamy
chocolate and coffee and chips

I try to wait, but cannot stay
away from that indescribable taste

Melting smoothly, chips o crunchy
In my mouth and oh so munchy

Once it’s gone, I want some more
but will stay away from the door

Leaving, driving on toward home
I only think of you and roam

Assignment Day 8: Flavor

From the simple (butter on toast, a childhood-evoking bubblegum) to the more complex (insert your latest dinner party triumph — or fiasco — here), flavors occupy a crucial place in our memories, in our stories, and in our social interactions.

Today’s Form: Elegy

Today’s form, the elegy, can trace its history all the way to ancient Greece. It started out as a poem that could be about almost any topic, as long as it was written in elegiac couplets (pairs of verse, with the first one slightly longer than the second). Over the centuries, though, it became something a bit more specific: a (more often than not) first-person poem on themes of longing, loss, and mourning.

Today’s Device: Enumeratio

Constructing a list, a successive enumeration (duh!) of multiple elements in the same series.

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1 Response to Poetry: #8 Chocolate and Coffee

  1. in567 says:

    Best combination ever. Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

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