Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, lover of nature
About laf Custom Designs

15 things about me:

  1. In the summer of 2015 I hiked 156 miles of the 485-mile Colorado Trail. A proud accomplishment after recovering from leukemia.
  2. I create my own artwork in Photoshop from scratch.
  3. I adventure with my camera and post-process in Photoshop.
  4. My favorite being in all the world is Kobi, my Bichon.
  5. I love sugar and caffeine way too much.
  6. I enjoy elevator music.
  7. I often leave leftovers in the refrigerator until it becomes a science experiment in order to justify throwing it out.
  8. I’m not best housekeeper, but better than some.
  9. I get along with my former husband.
  10. I like to drive for no other reason than driving … well, except to see what’s out there.
  11. I like Law & Order, NCIS, and other shows and movies of the like.
  12. I have an opinion about everything!
  13. I still have my first childhood stuffed animal–a lion–worn like the Velveteen Rabbit.
  14. I have hosted a dream board party every year since 2007.
  15. I’m looking into tiny house living.

All photos, artwork, and stories here are copyrighted. Please respect the time and effort I put into creating them. Excerpts and links are permitted, provided that full and clear credit is given to Lissa A. Forbes and laf Custom Designs.

Thanks, laf
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