Poetry: #7 In My Neighborhood

Image from Salida, not actually my neighborhood, but there is a creek in mine

In my neighborhood
  there is much to observe
if one wants to take the time
  but that would fire my nerve

The teens across the street
  with their pants down to their butts
and thumping cars and music loud 
  makes me a bit nuts

So I'd rather take a walk
  and observe the flutter of leaves
enjoy the sun on my face
  and the brush of a breeze

On down the trail
  past the cows in the field
there's a creek
  that bubbles and yields

It's song is one of serenity
  that gives me a different sense of pace
no matter what else goes on
  helps me navigate with grace

Assignment Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance

Whether it’s your block, a favorite store or coffee shop, or just a general sense of community (or lack thereof), keep today’s poem local, within the radius of a leisurely stroll from your home.

Today’s Form: Ballad

  • Ballads are dramatic, emotionally-charged poems that tell a story, often about bigger-than-life characters and situations.
  • Ballads had their roots in danced songs, and were traditionally composed using ballad meter (ryhme ABCB) and ballad stanzas (four lines).
  • Their history notwithstanding, by now there are no strict rules governing the structure of ballads — they can be long, short, rhymed, or unrhymed — though it’s still common for ballads to have a refrain.

Today’s Device: Assonance

The strategic repetition of vowels in close proximity to each other.

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One Response to Poetry: #7 In My Neighborhood

  1. clcouch123 says:

    The phrasing is evocative, whether it’s about teens’ wearing pants down to their butts or enjoying (instead) “the brush of a breeze.” Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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