365 Days of Writing | #18 Self-expression in Monochrome

WordPress Writing Prompt: Express Yourself!
Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

The skull is a piece of art I photographed in a Salida shop.
Unfortunately, I did not make note of the artist. Would be happy to give credit.

The Joy of Self-Expression!

I’m not very good at playing instruments, I just don’t have the finger coordination. Nevertheless, I’ve kept my guitar that I learned on when I was sixteen. I do like to dance but do not have much opportunity to do it these days. I haven’t written much poetry, but am enjoying the class I’m taking now to learn new techniques. I’ve kept a journal for forever and even got a Master’s in Creative Writing. But of all my creative endeavors, my favorite is creating original works of digital art. Each post I make inspires a new piece.

I can’t really explain my process, but I’ll try. Sometimes I begin with an image or a word. Sometimes I start with the background and then develop the elements. Using different textures, I shift the colors and lines. And using brushes and text give the piece depth and context.

So a new one for today and a  mosaic of recent work … and I like square. I wonder what that says about me!

This is my playground. I don’t have to get dirty. I don’t have to go anywhere although it does help to get out and take new photos. I get to play with technology.

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