365 Days of Writing | #17 My One Singular Sensation

WordPress Writing Prompt: Singular Sensation
If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

Arkansas River in Salida, Colorado

Singular sensation (definition):

  1. The title of the Chorus Line song
  2. A secret code used among theatre kids, especially in gym class. It is used as a method for detecting and recognizing fellow musical lovers. (per the Urban Dictionary)
  3. One experience or memory

I don’t have one singular sensation as the result of writing my blog. There are many things that if they happened I’d be delighted.

  • I will improve as a writer simply through the process of writing every day.
  • Possibly I will find a thread for a publishable work.
  • Regardless, I’ll have a record of my writing progress over time, as well as many experiences and philosophical perspectives.
  • Since I’m creating original works of art to go along with each post, I will have a portfolio of creative expressions.
  • But maybe, just maybe I’ll be a singular sensation!

More than any of this though, I will enjoy the pleasure of the process.

Gathering information.

    Corralling my thoughts.

        Expressing myself in words and art.

Aha, that’s it! Finding love in words and art.

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