Poetry: #3 In My Skin

When I was just a child, my hands were pudgy and plump
My knuckles hid as did my bones within my skin

As I grew and aged a bit, the veins raised
Showing where the blood flowed underneath

My face from full to slender
Now laugh lines crease with ease

Ne’ertheless, I’ve learned to go from thin skinned
to shrugging it off, laughing it off … smilin’

Making me more satisfied
wearing my own skin

I really need more time to consider the form and rhyme. I wrote this on the fly and feel it definitely needs some marinating. Maybe expanding. But nevertheless, here it is.

Poetry, Day 3: Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme

Our skin often announces (correctly or not) our age and ethnicity, tells stories of injuries, operations, and accidents, and conveys to our brain everything from the pain of a slap to the warmth of a hug. Skins aren’t only a human thing: they protect animals, fruit, cheese, and more.

Today’s form: prose poetry

Prose poetry at a glance: A prose poem is any piece of verse written using the normal typography of prose, while style maintaining elements of poetry, like rhythm, imagery, etc.

Today’s device: internal rhyme

It adds a level of sonic complexity and playfulness without calling too much attention to itself the way end rhymes (i.e. rhymes appearing at the end of verses) do.

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3 Responses to Poetry: #3 In My Skin

  1. You did a great job but prose is written like a paragraph, not like other poetry.

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  2. any1mark66 says:

    Seems like you did well. It conveys an image well.

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  3. A lovely, evocative poem. I love the photograph, as well.

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