Poetry: #2 Gifts

G ifts come like an eagle’s flight
R arely anticipated or without surprise
A gift can come in many forms
T alking, presence, just being there
I have been the lucky one
T ruly comforting to know
U nderstanding and compassion ‘bound
D o you know I think of you
E ach and every day, my friends

My very first poetry acrostic. How fun was this!

Especially in the last two years I have been the recipient of many eagles’ flights. There are many kind and generous people in my life. Thanks to all of you! You revealed in me my true worth.

Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

There’s a whole array of sensations and emotions attached to gifts, whether you’re the gifter or the giftee. The tension between packaging and contents, the joy of tearing through layers of wrapping, the surprise or disappointment of discovery once you know what’s inside.

Today’s form: acrostic

Acrostics at a glance: An acrostic is any poem in which the first (or last) letters of each line combine to spell out a word or a phrase, or follow the order of the alphabet.


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6 Responses to Poetry: #2 Gifts

  1. That was great. Well done. I can tell you enjoyed it, your poem is full of life and gratitude.

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  2. jgavinbergstrom says:

    I know the symbiosis of Nature and have experienced the kindness of a Fox, Hawk and a Grove of Aspens. Truly these experiences are Joyous and comforting, even if not completely understood. Thank you for your writing and speaking to the Life that surrounds us. A miracle manifest !

    Thank you, thank youi

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  3. That first line was beautiful! Good acrostic poem, Lissa!


  4. Alexander says:

    I like the first line and how you led into the poem with it, nice thoughts.


  5. rosemawrites says:

    Oh I completely agree. 😀 Gifts are beyond the material things. Nice points!


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