365 Days of Writing | #8 Ode to Nancy Drew

WordPress Writing Prompt: Ode to a Playground
A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Nancy Drew, you were my inspiration when I was ten and eleven. I had your entire collection of original books … 55 at that time in 1966. I went on adventures of discovery with you frequently. We were best friends. I miss you.

two volumes I got as an adult just to remind me

Oh, I loved tagging along with Nancy as she made discoveries and solved mysteries. I would stay up late on weekends as each page revealed something new. I learned that my father felt I was staying up too late. My mother said you can’t make a child tired. Let her read.

I was grateful for that as I’ve become an avid reader and self-teacher. It helps me because I’m visual and there are times I have trouble learning if just given verbal instruction. It all depends on the subject matter. Sometimes videos help. I learned a lot about the inner workings of Photoshop that way.

But I miss Nancy. She helped me learn to love to read. It was sad when I discovered she was gone. My mother gave my entire collection to the men who built our pool when I was 15 living in Arizona. A total surprise to me. No, I wasn’t delving into other people’s business with Nancy anymore, but I had dreams for those books. They would be passed on to my girls. Funny, I never had girls. Only two boys. I guess they wouldn’t enjoy tagging along with her as I did.

I hope those men’s daughter(s) loved Nancy and Barbie as much as I did.

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One Response to 365 Days of Writing | #8 Ode to Nancy Drew

  1. I loved Nancy Drew as well. Yes, the mystery, the capers of the girls, all so good. Thankfully I still have my full set. My mother got rid of everything else from my childhood, but I still have those books.


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