365 Days of Writing Challenge

One day after I finished my 156-mile backpacking trip on the Colorado Trail my son asked me, “What’s up?”–a typical way of greeting me as he came home. I said, “I’m bored” to which he replied, “What? You don’t have a project to work on?” That was it. He pegged me so accurately. I don’t think I realized it until then that I am project driven. Idea –> research –> plan –> execute. That’s my process. Sometimes I get to execution, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I complete execution, sometimes I don’t. Although I didn’t complete the entire 485-mile Colorado Trail, I am proud of my accomplishment, but now I need a new project. One such project is finding a job, but while I wait for that to manifest I need something on which to focus.

On the Colorado Trail–a path of discovery

I’m challenging myself to 365 days of writing. And since I love to combine my love of creating images–both photographs and art–I want to combine the two. I’m not quite sure what prompts I’ll use. It will probably depend on my mood and which prompt inspires me. I’ve been following WordPress Daily Prompts and I also found 365 Days of Writing Prompts by WordPress.

I hope some of you will join me as I travel this path … a new journey of discovery.

Watch for new post: 365 Days of Writing: Out of Reach–yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt.

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